Sometimes in life there is an equality between a person and his name. When this fortunate situation exists, the person enjoys the name he has been given and feels lucky to be called Steve.

As time goes by, he will experience moments when there is something very natural, normal and good in being Steve. We say when this happens that the lucky guy has achieved Steveness.

As Steves we know this feeling and want to share it by offering STEVEWEAR.

STEVEWEAR can be viewed by clicking on the celebration link below. Enjoying your name is easy when you wear STEVEWEAR.

If you are Steve, you probably know others in the Steve tribe. Share the Steveness with these lucky guys by telling them about STEVEWEAR.

As a Steve, you may have ideas for additions to the STEVEWEAR line. Tell us about them by emailing and if they are chosen, we will reward you with free STEVEWEAR.